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At Atlantic Trust, we provide focused, comprehensive investment advice and customized fiduciary services to the select group of individuals, families, and not-for-profit organizations we serve.

Tailored Investment Strategies

We believe that wealth management is an ongoing process that should be responsive to each investor’s specific needs today as well as their goals for the future.


A relationship with Atlantic Trust begins with a thorough analysis of your financial outlook, including your investment goals, income requirements, risk tolerance, tax exposure, debt profile and family profile. While we maintain a consistent investment strategy, this upfront analysis allows us to create a unique portfolio specifically tailored to your needs and objectives.


Atlantic Trust is a registered Non-Depository Trust Company licensed by the State of Maine.

Unlike many investment managers, Atlantic Trust isn't satisfied to rely solely on outside sources of information in assessing our investments. We do much of our own research, and examine each investment based on its fundamental valuation as well as its prospects relative to its peers.


Using proprietary models that we've developed, we evaluate companies individually to find investments that are often out of favor in the marketplace, which we believe offer exceptional potential appreciation.


Our core investments, which form the foundation of our clients’ portfolios, include common stocks that tend to have above average yields, lower than average price-to-earnings and price-to-book ratios, and above average financial strength. Our core list may also include publicly traded trusts and partnerships to complement existing portfolios.

Proprietary Research

Comprehensive Fiduciary Services

Our boutique firm has the flexibility and expertise to assist with your full investment mix. Our extensive background in real estate, private equities, and other products and services allows us to help you make informed decisions involving all of your asset types.


Some of the comprehensive and alternative services we offer include:


  • Investment Management
  • Trustee and Fiduciary Services
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Preservation/Estate Planning
  • Socially Responsible Investing
  • Alternative Investments (eg. private equity, real estate)

Depending on market conditions, we expect to be fully invested.  However we will hold substantial quantities of cash and/or short term bonds if we believe there are no investment opportunities that meet our criteria, or if risks in the markets are elevated.


Atlantic Trust has developed a close relationship with its sub-custodian, Northern Trust of Chicago, which provides clientele with enhanced custodial and traditional banking relationships.

Investment Approach

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